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Work Plan Update

project actions

For The
first 6 months

The Project Inception Report has set out the prerequisites for understanding the baseline scenario of Offshore wind sector in India.

DNV GL is working on assessing the wind potential of the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

The consortium partners undertook a detailed review of existing studies to identify knowledge gap and steer the project actions in the right direction to reduce technical barriers and financial risks.

Partners have initiated the pre-feasibility study and constraint analysis on wind resource, financial, technical, environmental and regulatory aspects to ascertain the zones for offshore project development in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

MNRE issued a formal support letter to FOWIND on 09 May 2014.

The consortium has collaborated with Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd. (GPCL) thereby ensuring support from the state government of Gujarat for executing the project actions and promoting state buy-in for project outcomes.

IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited (IEDCL) joined the consortium as strategic partner which strengthens the industry perspective and enables possible penetration of the project outcomes in the offshore wind Industry in India.

specific objectives

To create an enabling
environment through
resource mapping, policy
guidance and capacity
building measures to
unlock the offshore
potential of India


To utilize EU offshore
learning to reduce
technical barriers,
financial risks


studies to showcase the
potential of offshore wind projects


To create strategic
partnerships, which
enhance access to and
awareness of offshore
wind technology

action plan

For The
first 6 months

Designing and development of a beta version of GIS platform for site identification using satellite wind data for initial spatial mapping including mapping of variables, constraints on a GIS platform to initiate spatial planning exercise in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Global and national review of policies, regulations and incentives for offshore wind + Policy Report.
Invite bids for LiDAR procurement.

Initiate study on supply chain.
Key Indian stakeholders and consortium partners' study tour to Germany.

Pre-feasibility study and constraint analysis on financial, technical, environmental and regulatory aspects of selected zones for Offshore Project Development for Gujarat and
Tamil Nadu.

Stakeholder survey for knowledge and skills gap analysis about OW in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Sensitization of offshore wind power stakeholders in India.

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